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Useful Phone Numbers

In Milos Island

Milos information. These are the most useful telephone numbers in Milos that you might need. In this page, we have gathered the phone numbers of the local port police, the police station, the medical center, the pharmacies, veterinary, Taxi, buses and Milos Airport to help you organize your trip better or act quickly in case of emergency.

Greece Houses Marinas Motor

Marina Dock Office


+30 22870 21895

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Port Police

+30 22870 22100
+30 22870 22101
+30 22870 23360
114 1149058 hellenic police


+30 22870 21378
+30 22870 21204


114 1149058 hellenic police 1

Milos Medical Center

+30 22870 22700

114 1149058 hellenic police 2



+30 22870 22178
+30 22870 21405
+30 22870 21240


114 1149058 hellenic police 6


+30 22870 23992

+30 6938 037256

114 1149058 hellenic police 3

Taxi Milos


+30 22870 22219

114 1149058 hellenic police 5


Buses Milos


+30 6946 092656

114 1149058 hellenic police 4

Milos Airport


+30 22870 28410

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Milos, an island with world fame and immense natural beauties. Ideal destination for each type of tourism the island of Venus constitutes one from the most popular islands of Greece. It is located in the south-western side of Cyclades and abstains 86 nautical miles from Piraeus port. Milos extent reaches the 150 square kilometres (the fifth largest island of Cyclades) and the length of coasts is 125 kilometres. Its location is 36ο 44′ 35” N and 24ο 25′ 28” east (Plaka). It is considered a low island, its highest peak—Profitis Ilias—rises to 751 meters; a second peak, Hondro Vouno reaches 636 meters, but the rest of its hills and mountains do not top 400 meters.

Milos has one of the biggest harbours of Mediterranean, Adamantas is a broad natural harbour. Adamas has played an important role in the island’s history and economy, in concert with Milos’s mineral wealth.

Milos is linked with Piraeus port daily. If you travel by speedboat, the travel will last for 3 to 4 hours. passenger ships reach the island in 7 hours, with attitudes in the remainder harbours of western Cyclades (Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos and Kimolos). The island is also connected with the islands of Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Santorini, Crete, as well as islands of Eastern Cyclades.

Milos has an airport, with daily flights from and to Athens. Flights are more frequent during the summer months (May through October) than the winter. The flight’s duration is 30 minutes; the airport is 4.5 kilometres from the port of Adamantas.

The road network of the island is very with good dirt roads and tracks. Buses reach all main destinations, with frequent routes from Adamantas to most settlements and the biutiful beaches like Kleftiko Milos. There is a taxi and a bus station at Adamantas.

Milos has a population of 5,500, which swells in the summer months. Most are assembled in the northern side of the island, in the villages Plaka, the capital of the island, Plakes, Triovasalo, Pera Triovasalo, Trypiti, Pollonia, Zefyria, and Adamantas.

For administrative reasons the prefecture of Cyclades has been separated in four eparchies. Milos is the seat of one of four eparchies of the Cyclades Prefecture, the eparchy includes Kimolos, Sifnos, and Serifos.

Milos ground is volcanic and the geological constitution is different from other Cycladic islands, with the exception of Kimolos island. It is barren, with sparse vegetation and no forests, streams, or cascades.

In Milos you will be able to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Golden sandy beaches with deep blue waters and curious shaping are the main characteristics of Milos’s seas. Thanks to its unique geology, the island boasts 75 gorgeous beaches. Milos Information 2020.


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