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Diesel Avio Double Filtered – Diesel Ekonomy

Diesel Milos Livanios Marine fuel is in collaboration with one of the largest chemical companies in Greece, EKO, member of the ELPE group, recommend the new DIESEL AVIO DOUBLE FILTERED not only because incorporates the latest technology additives for maximum performance, but creates a new fuel which implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to your boat Diesel, so that its engine takes off!

Avio Filter ensures cleaner fuel ! Performance and purity from the very first fillings !
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Aircraft fuel filter technology

Greater acceleration, noise reduction.

Zero engine power loss.

The Avio Filter is installed next to the pumps and ensures you clean the fuel at the level of purity of the aircraft fuel.

Effectively filters the fuel you put in, achieving:

  • Particle removal
  • Removal of rust and water
  • Fuel filtration efficiency 98%



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Increases engine’s power


Greater acceleration


Increased number of cetane

Aircraft fuel filter technology on your engine.

EKO currently meets the need of Diesel consumers for a fuel that gives maximum performance and absolute purity, by creating DIESEL AVIO DOUBLE FILTERED ! Diesel Milos Livanios gas station
marine fuel milos diesel avio
Diesel Avio Double Filtered by EKO.

A technologically advanced fuel that applies aircraft fuel filter technology to your Diesel engine.
  • Substantial increase of the cetane number – up to 3 units
  • Exceptional engine cleaning results, holding spray nozzle and engine clean
  • Improved engine performance, smoother operation, greater acceleration
  • increased power, thanks to increased cetane number and cleaning results
  • Fuel consumption economy up to 4% from the very first fill ups
  • Effective corrosion protection of engine and fuel network
  • Lower pollutant emissions and car smoke
  • Engine noise reduction (up to 20%)
EKO, understanding the need of its customers for greater economy in their daily travels, created EKO DIESEL EKONOMY.
A new fuel that combines greater economy and higher efficiency!

The new DIESEL ekonomy ensures:

• Saves up to 4% in fuel, which sums up to 2 litres per fill-up*
• Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keep clean)
• Removes any existing residue (clean up)
• Greatly reduces friction
• Prevents the accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold
• Reduces fuel emissions (CO, HC)
• Protects the engine’s entire fuel system from corrosion
• Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine’s life

EKO introduced yet another innovation with the new generation of EKO DIESEL ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ, designed to offer More kilometres with Less fuel.

marine fuel milos diesel
The Filter, which is installed immediately before the fuel pumps, is a technologically advanced filter, which ensures the purity of your fuel at the purity level of aircraft fuel.


Engine's Fuel Circuit Protection

With the new DIESEL AVIO DOUBLE FILTERED, for the first time, EKO implements the aircraft fuel filter technology to your car’s Diesel!

 More kilometres with Less fuel.

Diesel Milos Eko Livanios marine fuel supply and distribute transport fuels, combining low-cost supply with highly reliable customer service.


Diesel fuel originated from experiments conducted by German scientist and inventor Rudolf Diesel for his compression-ignition engine he invented in 1892. Originally, Diesel did not consider using any specific type of fuel, instead, he claimed that the operating principle of his rational heat motor would work with any kind of fuel in any state of matter. However, both the first diesel engine prototype, and the first functional Diesel engine were designed for liquid fuels only. 

Diesel is an energy-dense secondary fuel (or energy currency) used to power many heat engines, including cars, trucks, and diesel generators. It can be a petroleum derivative, or it can be made from biomass. Diesel itself is a mixture of hydrocarbons, ranging from C10H20 to C15H28. The average composition of diesel is C12H23,[1] but it should be restated that these are not actually molecules, just an average composition.

Diesel milos EKO Livanios supplies Marine Diesel to all kind of boats at the ports of Adamas and Pollonia.

To stand behind our guarantee, diesel milos EKO Livanios provide only the best fuel from EKO refineries and offer quality protection. Here’s how we keep our fuel clean, safe, and quality controlled, both for our customers and the environment

Eko vintage retro gas pumps

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diesel avio
diesel avio

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