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Premium performance Lubricants, Oils and Fluids guaranteed by a reliable brand!

Premium performance lubricants at the most Competitive Prices.

Lubricants Milos EKO Livanios is marketing lubricants and mineral oils since 1999 in Milos, leading the market of engine oil and lubrication. All the company’s products are of the highest quality, meeting the most demanding specifications and are fully approved by The National Chemical Council.

EKO Livanios provides the market with a full range of products meeting the standards and requirements of boats, cars and industry. Our products framed with the appropriate staff along with our long experience, cover to the most the needs and requirements of each customer.

Free of charge delivery at the port.

Eko Livanios lubricants and valvolines.


Lubricants Milos EKO Livanios has been certified by ISO 9002, since May 2000.

Engine oils, driveline fluids, automotive specialties, coolants, lubricants, hydraulic oils, industrial products, greases and cleaners.

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Ports of Adamas and Pollonia

Lubricants Milos Livanios and Eko. Lubricants have been developed to meet all the requirements of the REACH regulation on the safe use of chemicals and the CLP regulation on the classification, labeling and packaging, which aligns existing EU legislation to the United Nations Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

EKO lubricants applications are supported by special technical advisors, either on the field or through any other communication, always upon request.

The specifications of the products may change at any time, without prior notice, due to the continuous product development procedures and the technical evolutions of the equipment. Always consult the Product Data Sheet. For the safe use of the product, consult its Safety Data Sheet.

The procedures applied on the design, production, storage and distribution of EKO lubricants are certified according to the EN ISO 9001 quality standard, EN ISO 14001 standard for the environmental management and the OHSAS 18001 for the health and safety management.

The above accreditations constitute the commitment of HELPE group to the adoption and implementation of international standards, codes and best practices to its activity in lubricants.

Complete solutions over lubrication

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Choose advanced technology lubricants for your commercial vehicle from a wide variety of EKO Lubricants, Oils and Fluids to ensure high engine performance.



Lubrication products and services

Lubricants Milos EKO Livanios has a full range of top quality lubricants and related products that can meet the lubrication needs of vehicles, machinery, industrial and marine applications.

We always put our customers’ needs first by offering technical support and a range of technical services

Lubricants, Oils and Fluids

Lubricants Milos EKO Livanios more than 20 years has been a trusted and reliable supplier of quality lubricants to the island market, with a range that includes: engine oils, driveline fluids, automotive specialties, coolants, specialty lubricants, hydraulic oils, industrial products, greases and cleaners.

We have a simple goal as your supplier – to deliver high-quality lubricant products at a competitive price and on time to support your business today and in the future.

Choose us as your partner and you have a strong and positive ally in your quest to operate profitably and successfully.

Lubricants Milos

Delivering High Quality Marine Fuel, Diesel & Gas

to Yachts & Boats

Lubricants Milos & Marine Fuel Milos is Your Five Star Fueling Solution
for boat & yacht fuel delivery.
Gas Milos Livanios has been delivering the highest quality marine fuel and Gas
in Milos island since 1999.

EKO Livanios Milos Island Lubricants, Oils and Fluids.

Lubricants are petroleum and synthetic hydrocarbon products that are manufactured to reduce wear on bearing or other metal surfaces that experience friction during their operation. Used to improve the performance and extend the operational life of internal combustion engines, gearboxes, compressors, motors, winches, and a wide variety of other machinery on ocean-going vessels. Lubricants are manufactured to meet particular qualities that include high boiling points, low freezing points, high viscosity indices, thermal stability, hydraulic stability, corrosion resistance, and resistance to oxidation, even at elevated temperatures.


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At Diesel Milos Gas station you will find Marine Diesel, Marine Petrol, oils, bottled Gas, Batteries and lubricants for Yacht, Speed boat, Sail Boat, Sailing Yachts, Motor Boat and sailing boat.

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Lubricans & Engine oils Distribution

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