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Feel the superiority of 100 octane!

Unleaded EKO racing 100 and 95 Ekonomy

Fuel Distribution Adamas Port and Pollonia

Gasoline Fuel Milos Livanios offers EKO racing 100 and 95 Ekonomy Unleaded fuels and follows a comprehensive program to control the quality with continuous quality analysis of fuel in the refinery and storage facilities, as well as at service stations with inspection and sealing of pumps with quality assurance tape. Feel the superiority of 100 octane !

Gasoline Fuel Milos
Gasoline Fuel Milos EKO racing 100 and 95 Ekonomy
Performance and purity from the very first fillings!
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Economy in consumption

Protects the engine from damage

Greater power and better acceleration

EKO RACING 100 octane.

100 octane gasoline enlivens your passion for driving by increasing the maximum efficiency of your vehicle engine.

    EKO 95 Ekonomy unleaded

    New unleaded fuel from EKO, promises more kilometers with less fuel




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    Feel the superiority of 100 octane!

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    marine fuel milos eko racing

    Gasoline Fuel Milos EKO Livanios has in Milos Island the ultimate gasoline EKO Racing 100.
    A high efficiency fuel specially made for the needs both pf the modern and demanding driver

    The new formula offers:

    • The power of 100 Octane.
    • Significantly reduces friction, achieving up to 4,6 % higher motor efficiency, resulting in up to 4,6% more power and better acceleration. *
    • Significant reduction of friction in the engine up to 75%. *
    • Reduction in fuel consumption of up to 5.4%. *
    • Achieves outstanding cleaning results in new Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) engines with multiple injectors.

    *Compared to common 95 Octane fuel, without special additives and required that the average RON100 density is 1.4% higher than the RON95.



    More kilometers – Less fuel

    95 Ekonomy unleaded, cleaner engine and better performance:

    95 ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ fuel is based on a new improved composition with additives and friction regulators, which results in a reduction of consumption up to 1 liter in each tank filling, giving up to 300 extra kilometers a year with the same amount of fuel.

    • Saves up to 4% in fuel, which sums up to 2 litres per fill-up*
    • Keeps the injection system and valves clean (keep clean)
    • Removes any existing residue (clean up)
      Greatly reduces friction
    • Prevents the accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold
    • Reduces fuel emissions (CO, HC)
    • Protects the engine’s entire fuel system from corrosion
    • Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine’s life
    marine fuel milos unleaded

    Gasoline Fuel Milos 95 ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ Unleaded fuel was developed by EKO in partnership with TOTAL ACS France. It features a unique composition that includes state-of-the-art additives that help drivers save money by getting them farther without spending more.

    *Based on the lowest fuel tank capacity and a fill-up of 50 litres. The comparison is made between the performance of regular fuel and the performance of that same regular fuel with the introduction of the special additives found in 95 ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ Unleaded and DIESEL EKONOMY. The exact savings may vary depending on the type of vehicle, the road conditions and the driving style. Fuel savings of 4% according to laboratory tests performed by TOTAL ACS France.

    Performance and purity from the very first fillings!

    Marine Fuel Milos-EΚO RACING 100
    Marine Fuel Milos-95ΕΚΟΝΟΜΥ
    Marine Fuel Milos- gasoline

    Gasoline Fuel Milos EKO Livanios provide unleaded fuel for all types of vehicles.


    Gasoline Milos- gasoline

    Gasoline Fuel Milos Gas Station at Parasporos

    You are welcome and ALWAYS SAFE with us!

    Driving in Gasoline Fuel Milos EKO Livanios gas station, we will guide you so as to park the car at the best spot depending on the purpose of your visit.
    For refueling, we will guide you so as to park in the area next to the fuel you prefer. Refueling is always carried out from the pump which is located on the same side with the inlet tank of the vehicle. Before refueling begins, for your safety, we will ask you to:

    • switch off the car engine
    • turn off the mobile phone
    • not to smoke
    • for security reasons and to deal with the transmission of the coronavirus covid 19, the highly trained staff will serve you, without having to come in contact with the pumps. Also your transactions will be made contactless using a credit / debit card.If there is a reason to visit the service room, the safety distances should be strictly observed for avoiding overcrowding.

    If you drive a two-wheel vehicle, we will ask you to get off the motorcycle.

    • So that you do not inhale fuel vapor
    • So that you avoid contact with the fuel in case of leakage
    • So that you are not at risk in case of a fire after fuel comes in contact with hot parts of the motorcycle

    EKO racing 100 and 95 Ekonomy

    Unleaded Fuel Distribution Adamas Port and Pollonia

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