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Butane and Propane gas cylinders.
Bottled Gas and Accessories at the most Competitive Prices.

Gas Milos EKO Livanios is a successful family business in Milos Island. We deliver bottled gas in the ports of Adamas or Pollonia in  Milos Island. We provide a wide range of  products to the domestic and commercial market including central heating Lubricants, gas oil, fuel, diesel, all kind of accesories, propane and butane cylinders and olso batteries.

Looking for propane or butane gas cylinders for your boat in Milos Island ?
We have the largest bottled gas delivery fleet in the island, meaning we can offer you FREE same day delivery straight to the port.

NOTE: All the prices for bottled gas are for exchanging an empty Gas cylinder.

Free of charge delivery at the port.

Gas Milos Eko Livanios bottled gas, safely and securely.


Our gas bottles are available all over Milos. So whether you live in Milos or you come for holidays, we can delivery straight to your door.

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Looking for propane or butane gas cylinders and
accessories for your boat ?

Gas Milos Livanios distrbution Ports of Adamas and Pollonia

Gas Milos Livanios distribution service is always next to it’s custumers.We deliver gas bottles 7 days a week. We conduct daily inspections and tests in all gas and fuel tanks and pumps, to ensure the best possible fuel quality.

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When it comes to gas bottles, we really know our stuff

Safety is Gas Milos Livanios prime goal!


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is frequently used as fuel for stoves on board boats. LPG is however potentially hazardous if the gas is not stored suitably or if the cooker and/or pipe work are badly maintained or damaged.

Gas bottles should be stored upright in a dedicated locker which drains overboard (to help prevent gas ending up in the bilges). The drain should be checked regularly for blockages, for example by squirting a hose pipe down the drain.

For boats which were not manufactured with a dedicated gas locker, finding appropriate stowage for the gas bottles can be difficult. The simplest option may be to secure the bottle on deck. However this needs to be done carefully to prevent accidental damage and should not be in a position which would allow leaking gas to enter the interior of the vessel i.e. located too close to hatches.

Most boats will also carry a spare cylinder which should be given the same consideration as the “in use” cylinder. Although the spare cylinder is less likely to leak, it is not impossible for it to do so especially if it is not securely positioned and protected from damage.

Gas Regulator

LPG Gas Regulator, Regulator Gas Pressure, Gas Bottle Regulator & Gas Bottle Fittings
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  • The primary function of an LPG gas regulator is to reduce the temperature dependent LPG gas bottle pressure from 400-1200kPa down to the required 2.75kPa operating pressure for the gas appliances.
  • Gas bottle pressure varies with temperature but the LPG gas regulator must be able to consistently maintain 2.75kPa.
  • Gas regulator types include an LPG gas regulator, acetylene gas bottle regulator, oxygen gas bottle regulator plus all of the gas bottle fittings, gas bayonet fitting, pol gas fitting and gas regulator fittings that are the gas fitting supplies for welding or an LPG gas installation.
  • A gas regulator reduces the high pressure from the gas bottle to a consistent regulator gas pressure, as required by the application. Gas regulators are used for all compressed gases and gases liquefied under pressure, like LPG gas regulators for LPG bottles.
  • Gas regulators are used for all compressed gases and gases liquefied under pressure, like LPG gas regulators for LPG bottles.

Accessories, Cylinder Adaptors & Connectors

Gas Milos Livanios Gas Accessories Taps and Regulators, Gas tube for L.P.G., Gas conections, Gas cartridges, Gas Cylinders Trolleys and Rollings stands. Just one phone call is all you need to do in order to have your products delivered in the ports of adamas or pollonia.


EKO Livanios Milos Island Butane and Propane gas cylinder.

Delivering High Quality Marine Fuel, Diesel & Gas

to Yachts & Boats

Marine Fuel Milos is Your Five Star Fueling Solution for boat & yacht fuel delivery.
Gas Milos Livanios has been delivering the highest quality marine fuel and Gas
in Milos island since 1991.

Gas station Milos – Marine Petrol Milos – Milos Fuel station – Marine Fuel Milos
At Gas station Milos you will find Marine Diesel, Marine Petrol, oils, bottled Gas, Batteries and lubricants
for Yacht, Speed boat, Sail Boat, Sailing Yachts, Motor Boat and sailing boat. Gas Milos. Fuel, Diesel, oil, bottled gas, lubricants.

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Bottled Gas and Accessories Distribution

  • Adamas Port
  • Pollonia Port
  • Gas Station Parasporos